Contents of workshops and trainings are matched with the needs of our clients.

In ECOPROFIT projects are the contents already fixed, which are the base for implementation of improvement measures.

Workshops about defined topics

Workshops are split in theoretical input, presentation of case studies, practical exercises according to the defined topics.

In ECOPROFIT and RECP projects the workshops are supplemented with a “Feedback Round” about implementation of improvement actions and “Homework” for the company representatives. The homework includes clear defined tasks to be carried out or measures have to be implemented till the next workshop. Success or problems at the homework will be discussed in the Feedback round. This is the time where we give support in solving the problems at the implementation.


Project and result orientated workshops

Content and tools of these workshops are defined through the tasks and objectives of the project.

Workshops are moderated according the “Whole Person Process Facilitation” method (WPPF), which Birgitt Williams further developed to the “Geniue Contact Way”.

WPPF activates your own energy / the energy of the participant to learn and to facilitate your own not known potentials. With this method set objectives can be reached easier and faster.

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